Health assessments for private individuals

What is a health assessment ?

Health assessments are rather like the annual vehicle MOT test. Whereas the MOT checks that your car is fit for the rigours of the road, health assessments check that your body is fit for the rigours of life. We think the comparison is so good, that we’ve named our three key health assessments the mini MOT, the MOT, and the MOT plus. We won’t be analysing your exhaust emissions or prodding your bodywork in search of rust, but we will perform some tests that are valuable indicators of your health and fitness. And just like the vehicle MOT, we’ll provide you with a report of our findings. Unlike the vehicle MOT, we’ll advise you on how to deal with any weaknesses revealed by the assessment.

Is it right for me ?

There are health assessments suitable for everyone. You may already have discovered that you face certain health challenges, and you would like help from our expert physiologists to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. You may feel that you have nothing wrong with you, but you want to make sure it stays that way. You could be training for a sporting event, and looking for some advice to give you that cutting edge advantage over your competitors. Perhaps you want to lose some weight, either for your own health benefits or to get in shape for a special occasion. We can help.

How does it work ?

We will come to your place of work or to your home, as you prefer. All we need is a small private room, with a toilet and sink available nearby. The specific tests we will perform depend upon the type of assessment you have chosen, but they are simple, quick and painless—there are no nasty big needles, we promise!

We will discuss the results of the tests with you, and point you on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

Do it now !

Contact us now to make an appointment or for more information, or find out more about why health assessments are worthwhile.