Why have a health assessment ?

The benefits and reasons

Regular health assessments, or health screening, can help to identify aspects of your lifestyle that are detrimental to your health. For example, high cholesterol has no symptoms—yet people with abnormal blood cholesterol are three times more likely to develop heart disease than normal (INTERHEART study). Here in the UK, we have one of the highest cholesterol levels in the world with two-thirds of the population having cholesterol above the healthy level of 5.2 mmol/l. Average total cholesterol level in Glasgow (taken from MONICA, 2006) is 6.1 mmol/l.

The doctor has been taught to be interested not in health but in disease. What the public is taught is that health is the cure for disease.

— Ashley Montagu (1905–1999)

Convinced ? Then don’t delay !

If you see the value in having a health assessment, don’t put it off until next week or next month—contact us today to make an appointment or get more information. There’s no time like the present to get on the road to a healthier lifestyle!